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As the criminal case against Petrona comes to an end, and the gag order that was imposed is thus lifted- this website is again sent out with a message for freedom- of all types.

With Petrona, we are dealing with the most basic human right. The right to your own person. The right not to be sold by your father- at age eleven- to a man. Petrona's story, legally, falls within the definition of sexual trafficking. She was given at age eleven, by force or coercion, by her own father, and borders within Guatemala were crossed.

Petrona fled Guatemala at around age 13 or 14- we are not sure of her age yet- escaping serious domestic abuse. She was raped crossing the border to her freedom- the United States of America.

The tragic criminal case began four months after Petrona survived the treacherous crossing of borders at such a tender age. On October 9, 2002, in an apartment in Lake Worth, Florida, she gives birth to a premature 2.77 pound baby in a highly compromised breeched delivery where she almost died. Petrona found out she was pregnant that same day, for the first time. Less than 48 hours after almost loosing her life- with statements she made in a language she did not understand- she is charged as an adult to first degree murder for the death of her baby whose viability is questionable even in the best circumstances. A grand jury indictment follows, based on the same statements, taken in violation of her most basic due process rights. The lack of understanding of the child before them is what has surprised us all. Hopefully from this struggle- much can be learned.


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On the topic of Forced Marriage as a basic human rights violation there are many sites, particularly from interesting initiatives in the UK.