Petition to US Court from Defensoría Maya

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DEFENSORIA MAYA asks the U.S. Government and Courts to try our Q'anjob'al Mayan sister Eulalia Miguel in her own language

Guatemala, 10-26-02.

DEFENSORIA MAYA has learned through the press about the case of the
Q'anjob'al Maya-speaking girl Eulalia Miguel, who is a 16 year-old, economic immigrant from Guatemala, accused of killing her baby on October 9th of this year; she is currently incarcerated in Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

Some information indicates that the girl has been placed in a jail for
adults and since she is a minor, there is a flagrant violation of human
rights in this case. Rumor has it that she will be tried very soon and that she could possibly receive the death penalty or life imprisonment.
Regardless of the charges she is facing, Defensoria Maya urges the
government and judicial authorities of the United States to honor her
universal human right to be tried in her own language, since the situation requires more than just a translation, in light of the fact that she only speaks the Q'anjob'al Maya language and no other. On the other hand, Defensoria Maya recommends that the necessary, in-depth investigation of the case be done, since, according to the girl's defense attorney, doubt exists with regard to this case. Defensoria Maya could join in so that real justice could be done in this case and avoid potential abuses affecting the dignity as well as the moral and physical wellbeing of the victim. Considering the situation of the girl, we urge all indigenous Mayan and social organizations in general, both in Guatemala and other countries in solidarity with us, to send letters to the embassies of the United States and judicial authorities in Florida so that they do not commit abuses against someone who does not understand nor comprehend a system that is totally foreign to her Mayan identity and world view.

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