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Ms. Yvette Gioannetti, Lay Missionary
Sister Rachel Sena
Maya Ministry
P.O. Box 209
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
Phone: 561 533 8130
Fax: 561 533 1438
Sister Rachel Sena and Ms. Yvette Gioannetti have been visiting with Petrona from the beginning of her incarceration. Sister Rachel and Yvette have been strong advocates for the child and have coordinated efforts for social justice with the Diocese.

The Maya Ministry office provides pastoral care to the Native American Mayas. The office also provides Family Literacy Program for illiterate immigrant families in Palm Beach County.

FIAC- Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center
FIAC has provided hours of legal guidance to the complex legal issues involved(dependency law, immigration repercussion of criminal convictions, etc.) FIAC's main office is located in Miami. Most of the Miami attorney's for FIAC have provided assistance in this effort . Ms. Rebecca Sharpless, Supervising attorney in Miami provided hours of legal research and writing.
The contact person for FIAC in this case is Sister Catherine Cassidy, Esq. ( from the Ft. Pierce, Florida office)
772 489 4660
Rebecca Sharpless, Esq -
305-573-1106 ext. 1080

Isabel Framer
Ms. Framer has provided invaluable assistance for justice to Petrona. Ms. Framer is an Oregon and Tennessee State Court Certified Interpreter. Ms. Framer is a member of NAJIT- National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators, has served as an expert consultant, and is a national spokesperson for judicial fairness and justice in the are of interpreting services.

She learned about the case when an attorney, who was visiting Guatemala November 2002 gave her a petition to translate. The petition was written by a group of indigenous women in Guatemala expressing their concern about the case. (This Petition can be found in the website as well as a translation).

Ms. Framer has tirelessly devoted her time and energy to assure the child's due process rights as it pertains to interpreting and translating services.

Ms. Framer filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division based on Title V1 violations of the Civil Rights Act . The complaint went forward and the Civil Rights Division initiated on or about March 2004 an investigation.

Ms. Framer can be contacted at: ISA INTERP@aol.com Her phone/fax 330 665 5752

United States Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Coordination and Review Section
Post Office Box 66560
Washington, D.C. 20035-6560
Telephone: 202 307 2222

Robert Gershman, Esq.
Gershman & Goldstein
Criminal Attorney for Petrona as of November 7, 2003 1675 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard
Seventh Floor West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Telephone: 561 684 8898

Aileen Josephs, Esq.
An immigration attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida, Ms. Josephs filed the dependency petition for Petrona based on abandonment, abuse and neglectOn the immigration front, Ms. Josephs has obtained an approved I-360 ( Special Immigrant Juvenile) which could enable Petrona to remain in the United States after the criminal matter is resolved.
515 North Flagler Drive, Suite 300-K
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Tel- 561 802 4119
Fax- 561 640 4420

Brett Newkirk and David Kubiliun
Filed a Motion for Substitution of Counsel so that Petrona's former criminal attorney, permeatted by conflicts of interests ( since he was retained by the child's father and Director of a Guatemalan Maya organization) would be substituted.
Their contact information is:
Brickell Bay View Center
80 S.W. 8th. Street, Suite 1720
Miami, Florida 33130
305 577 0227
Fax: 305 577 4229
e mail: kubiliun@knlawfirm.com

NAJIT-National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
Cristina Helmerichs D, Chair of Board of Directors Phone 206 367 8704, Fax 206 367-8777-headquarters@najit.org

Rev. Irvine Nugent, Pastor-Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church
Former Director of Catholic Charities

The School District of Palm Beach County
Particularly the Department of Alternative Education as well as the Department of Multicultural Education have provided Petrona with excellent, caring teachers. Telephone: 561 434 7348

Prof. Sarah Paoletti
Practitioner-in- Residency
International Human Rights Law Clinic
Washington College of Law
American University
Tel- 202 274 4290
Fax- 202 274 0659
e mail: paoletti@wcl.american.edu

Prof. Paoletti has offered to provide legal assistance if needed.

Prof. Bernie Perlmutter
Professor of Law
Children's Law Center
University of Miami School of Law
Telephone: 305 284 3123

Prof. Perlmutter has provided legal guidance as to the novel and complex legal issues that arise when prosecuting children as adults.

Steve Rogers, Esq.
Mr. Rogers became the attorney for the legal guardian, Marisol Zequeira Burke, Esq. pro bono. A former public defender, he has his own criminal law practice in Stuart, Florida. He has much expertise in guardianship law. Telephone: 772 221 8602

Siobhan Shea, Esq.
Ms. Shea, former State President of the Florida Association of Women's Lawyers ( FAWL) provided legal advise on appellate issues, criminal and guardianship law. shea@appeals.com

Marisol Zequeira Burke, Esq.
Was appointed her legal guardian on June 9, 2003 and on November 7, 2003, made the Attorney ad Litem for Petrona.
Catholic Charities
1111 South Federal Highway
Suite 218
Stuart, Florida 34995
Telephone: 772 463 0445
Fax 772 220 9694
West Palm Beach, Florida- 561 494 0928

Ms. Judith Ballen, Esq.
Ms. Ballen provided legal guidance as to the dependency/immigration matters. judithballen@aol.com Telephone 562 802 4127

There are many more individuals whose role in this case has been crucial- yet who wish to remain anonymous at the moment. To all those, thank you.